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Why do I need to fill out this form?

The Public Records Law authorizes a public body to take reasonable measures to preserve the integrity of its records and to maintain office efficiency and order.  (See ORS 192.430(2).)  The Oregon Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual explains that this statute permits a public body to require a written public records request.  Public bodies also should establish a process for making public records requests.  

To streamline the public records request process, the City of Portland has created a standard form pursuant to City Council Resolution No. 36563.  A requester can now fill out this form online to make a request.  Police and Emergency Communications use a more specific form that is more suitable to those Bureau’s records.

Using the standard form will guide your request and make sure City Bureaus receive your contact information and a clear, written request. 

Filling out this form ensures that:
  1. There is limited ambiguity and delay in the process of responding; 
  2. The City has the necessary information in order to process your request; 
  3. The City has a record of the reason it released the documents; and 
  4. The City can fulfill the request in an organized manner.  

For more information, here is a description of the City's public records request process.

Following the proper procedure is essential for City Bureaus to process public records requests and track responses.  City Bureaus follow this process with all public records requests, large and small, in the interest of treating all members of the public equally.